10 Foods You Need in Your Kitchen Now

I haven’t been doing much experimenting lately because I’ve been working on perfecting my dishes for my super exciting upcoming supper club! There’s still some tickets left for this Saturday. Click HERE to get yours.

I’m not sure I’ve ever shared this before but I have this ongoing list of top ten things that will automatically send me into an unending rant. I know everyone has these triggers and I would love to hear about everyone’s coping strategies. For me, my list includes mis-use of hashtags (like…nobody is looking up the hashtag #lindsaysoblessedinSteveston on Facebook because nobody uses hashtags on Facebook and that hashtag is just a description….see? I can’t stop.) or couples that look like siblings (Do they know!?! Do they know and not care?!? Did they just start to look alike after so many years together?!?!)

Ok, see? I can’t. Anyways this is my segway because it got me thinking of top ten lists and I thought I would share my top ten list of products and food you need to get your kitchen game to the next level. High-level vegans will scoff at this list but I think we always use the products and food we buy in the same ways so here are some ideas to mix it up!

  1. Miso Paste

This is fantastic in salad dressings, I always have people asking what I put in there to give it that nice thick parmesan’s taste. Put it in your broths and soups too for a nice thick flavour.


2. Sauerkraut

I’m just going to keep on saying it until it’s in every home EVERYWHERE! It’s so good for you and I promise it will blow your mind on avocado toast, veggie burgers, or tacos.


3. Rose Water

Not only is it super fancy as f**k it’s super tasty in lemonades, chia seed puddings, or in your cupcake icing.


4. Aquafaba

So this one is sort of cheating because it’s very likely you already have this in your kitchen, it’s the liquid that is left over after you take the chickpeas out of a can. And vegans have just discovered it’s magical abilities. It can FLUFF UP JUST LIKE AN EGG. Holy f**king hell this changes the vegan dessert game. Read more here.


5. Bob’s Redmill Egg Replacer

Usually, I don’t like imitation products, I’d rather use chia seeds, flax seeds, or whatever to replace eggs but I always have this in my kitchen for when I just want to copy a recipe exactly how it is when it’s not vegan. Want to make Martha Stewart’s chocolate chip cookies or your usual pancake recipe? Use this for a super easy switch out.Vegan Egg Replacer6. Green Lentils

This one isn’t going to blow anyone’s mind but it shocks me a little that I don’t have these in every other meal because they’re ridiculously easy to cook, they’ll last forever in your pantry, and they’ll fill you up in any dish. I’ll put them warm on a salad, toss them in a soap, wrap them some fresh herbs and veggies in a wrap, blend them in hummus, put them in shepherd’s pies, include them in mychili, and of course in curry! I love them so much, I feel like they’re in the shadow of chickpeas. I usually make a big batch on Sunday and whip up my work lunches with them during the week.

Green Lentils

7. Polenta

Can you tell I’m on a budget? I LOVE polenta.  It stays forever in your pantry (I buy it dry), it’s pretty budget friendly and it’s a nice filling side with stir fry and veggies or as a thickener for soups. It was really handy when Linden was little too, just whip up a badge with some baby food to make it easier to eat for a toddler.


8. Toasted Sesame Seed Oil

I know, anyone who eats Asian food is rolling their eyes right now. But I only discovered it this year! I actually add some to my Mr. Noodles that I eat….occassionally. Fan-freakin-tastic in salad dressings, stir fries, fried tofu…or…..drizzled on avocado toast with sesame seeds!

Sesame Seed Oil

9. A Full Bar

I mean for obvious reasons but I find 90% of the time a dish is better with a tiny shock of alcohol. I recently made Cashew Parfait with Rum and that hint of spiced rum took it to another level. Deep fried tofu? Add beer. Making soup? White Wine. Guacamole? Throw some tequila in there. So here is your excuse to go crazy at the liquor store and explain ‘I’m a chef.’


10.  Fresh Mint

Everyone uses mint but I always ALWAYS have some in my kitchen and garden. I put it in my chia seed puddings, on fruit platters, in my lentil salads, lettuce salads, in my water, in pestos, with chocolate desserts, thai dishes, smoothies, and salsas!


There you go! What are your staples in your kitchen?

One Comment Add yours

  1. danielle says:

    Wait. What?! You hadn’t had toasted sesame oil until THIS YEAR?! #whatiswrongwithyou

    I am glad you finally discovered it though! I guess that is what counts!

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