Lindsay is Vegan Supper Club 2016!

2 years ago I went to a secret supper club and thought ‘phhhffft I can do this.’ And yes I was drinking so I probably said it pretty obnoxiously. Ahhh simpler times.  I’d like to go back and pat that Lindsay on the head and say ‘Bless you, sweet and stupid one.’ Because I went home and pretty soon I announced I was doing one.

I cooked a ton and loved it that is in no way the same as charging tickets to an event and serving 5 courses to over 20 people, including strangers. I think only spouses really know the hours and HOURS in the kitchen, testing, cleaning, creating, studying, planning, marketing, and organizing for a such a small event. Did I mention cleaning? BECAUSE HOLY F**K cleaning up after a supper club is like Christmas dinner dishes on steroids.

Am I bragging? 100%. But I also have an unbelievable admiration for people who have built careers with their self-taught cooking skills and blogs. The amount of time I dedicated to self-doubt, fear, anxiety, and trying to get better could have gotten me a degree (ok, diploma) and I’ve only done a couple very small events! So to the self-made professional chefs, I bow down to you.

Whew last course served! #supperclub #vancouver #vancity #vancityeats #yvreats #vegan

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Anyways, long intro but I want to thank everyone who has come to my events, reads my blog, let me cook for them, and follows me on social because you’re helping me be better. Last night’s menu was fresh bread with dips from Habibi’s (including chocolate tahini), Spicy Cucumber Salad, Feta and Blueberry Salad (check it out on the Clean Method Magazine!), a not-really-Raw Sun-Dried Tomato Pizza with Artichokes and Mint Pesto (recipe coming soon), and Rum Cashew Parfaits.

Last night was fantastic and because I’m a sucker for punishment, stay tuned for details on my next one!

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