Green Veggies & Flower Pizza with Pesto and Aparagus

This is year is my first having my own veggie garden so even though I planted all my seeds more than a month ago, I wasn’t really prepared when everything started growing really well. I’ve got pumpkin plants spiraling out of the soil onto the grass, beans that I’ve had to tie up with wrapping paper ribbon because I never thought they’d get big enough to need something to grow up on, and enough catnip to make the all the pets in the neighborhood high.

I love it so much but when everything started to flower and grow on top of each other, I started to feel pressure; “Shi*t I have to eat everything!”. I couldn’t let a squash flower go to waste, they are so trendy right now!

Since it’s June, our BBQ pretty much stays on constantly so I thought it might be interesting to throw a bunch of the flowers from our veggie plants on a pizza. I actually wasn’t 100% sure all of them were edible but they came from veggie plants so they had to be fine. Right? RIGHT?!?

It ended up being so pretty and perfect and savoury and sweet. I wish I had more flowers to make it really over the top looking but it was still superb.

Click HERE for the recipe.

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  1. LeckerFoodie says:

    Beautifull picture!

    1. Thank you very much!

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