Grilled BBQ Potatoes with Radish Leaf Sauce

Happy (Belated) Canada Day! This long weekend was such a whirlwind and so fun. Having a 2-year-old definitely changes the game on sunny 3 day weekends. Forget lazy afternoons or being delightfully day drunk. Hello front row seats for the Steveston Parade at 8am and mid-day meltdowns in front of thousands of tourists and your neighbors. (I’m talking about myself obviously.)

One thing I am loving about suburban life is the last minute hang-outs. “Oh hey neighbor, you home and want to drink? Let’s do this.” I’ve probably seen almost all of my friends and family in  3 days, eaten exclusively from a BBQ, and eaten enough dessert to make Marie Antoinette jealous.Salmon Festival BC

Steveston BC

I’ve also noticed another weird phenomenon. July 1st should be official kick off of summer but instead, it feels like it’s coming to an end. It’s like we climaxed and now we just want to watch Netflix and chill. Anyone else feel like fall is just around the corner? No? Just me? Alright then.

I’m super into just throwing everything and anything on the BBQ at the end of the day. Anything that is about to go off is going to get grilled. I bought a bag of potatoes for $1 at my local market that were starting to sprout and wanted to use some of the radish leaves from my garden. I’m a little excited about the fact that I have grown food. I…woman…have grown food. (Castaway reference anyone?)

By the time I had grilled these potatoes, we had an invite to another BBQ so I just brought them over there. Super easy, so pretty, and perfect with like 3+ beers.

Canada Day Grilling

Get the super simple steps to make these potatoes here. Happy Canada Day!


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