Zucchini Pizza with Beet Sauce and Pumpkin Seeds

I recently discovered that one of my friends has a knack for growing monster food. She may spend her weekends posing with them at markets, claiming 1st prize in the categories of ‘Veggies That Belong in the Avengers’. I mean, look at this photo:

I actually see it still sitting on my kitchen table and now I feel enormous pressure. Like HOW WILL MY TINY FAMILY OF 3 EAT IT ALL? And we can’t waste any of it because clearly it’s been created with supernatural powers.

I decided to make a pizza because I had some Spread Em dips (if you’re in Vancouver you have no reason not to have tried these dips) and some tasty micro greens that needed to be eaten fast.

I pureed half of a zucchini (not the one in  the picture…that is still taunting me from the other room) and put it in the crust and grilled the rest of it for on top. You can’t really go wrong with BBQ’d pizza but this was pretty fantastic.

Get the full recipe HERE.


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