Introducing my new business!

It has been an intense few weeks that have flown by and although I’ve been cooking a ton, I haven’t been formally experimenting in the kitchen so apologies for no new recipes!

My partner and I have officially launched our new business, Piquant Marketing and it’s thrilling, nerve-wracking, exhausting, and a ton of work. It’s absolutely a labour of love with us doubting and analyzing every word, hashtag, and every picture. It’s like our baby who we only want to feed organic food and listen to Mozert and Beyonce. The reality is that it might be likely to binge on Mr. Noodle and red wine like both of us after a long day.

It feels like endless hours result in very little just because we’re learning so much about running a business, working together, and we’re building everything from scratch and it’s hard when it’s not perfect.

Piquant Marketing is a marketing agency specializing in food products and food business’ or any other companies that want to connect with the foodie culture. My partner is a creative genius whose work hits me in the gut it’s so thoughtful and pretty. We’re doing everything we’ve done in our 10 years as professionals including social media, event planning, communications, pop-up displays, comprehensive marketing plans, graphic design, and so much more.

We figured we were spending so much time discovering new products and connecting them with the right people that we should try and make it our full-time jobs!

If you haven’t followed us on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn, please do because we’ll be keeping everyone updated on fun partnerships. Plus if you’re someone on social media who wants to try new foods or share great products then we want to work with you!

I’ll be back soon with some more delicious vegan food that was made while drinking wine.


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