Spicy Tomato Cashew Soup

I find making a quick soup from scratch is an easy solution and fun activity for a toddler who’s acting like they just found and ate a Red Bull lollipop. I’m getting the very last of the veggies from our garden which meant Linden and I grabbed a few ripe tomatoes and herbs and had finished the soup in 30 mins.

Here’s the recipe for Simple Spicy Tomato Cashew Soup!

Also, there’s another reason I haven’t been posting very much and we’re making simple, easy meals. Our kitty has recently been having some health issues and we’re going on 4 weeks of daily medications, regular vet visits, and sometimes force feeding/IV drips/wearing a cone.

She’s mostly an indoor pet but occasionally we’d let her out on the patio with us and she might pop over to the neighbor’s yard but one day got away from me and I accidentally left her outside overnight and woke up to wild animal sounds and found her chasing a raccoon. She was badly beaten up and then we discovered some other health issues because of it.

Bringing Angelina home from the SPCA.
Bringing Angelina home from the SPCA.

Anyways, it’s sad, exhausting, and time-consuming but the thing about pets is that they often force you to reflect on the time you’ve had them. We adopted Angelina when Rich and I moved in together. With her, we’ve moved three times, married, been pregnant, and grown our family. She’s been such a comforting presence and a source of joy for all of us.

She seems to be doing well so hopefully I’ll be back to more regular food inspirations soon and she’ll be back to sitting on my keyboard while I type!


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