Chocolate Cupcakes with Peanut Butter Icing and Hot Chocolate Sauce

I was recently asked to cater an intimate birthday party which I immediately said yes to and then quickly panicked at the thought of people tasting my food in disgust or even worse, what if they hated it so much they immediately got sick like a scene out of Problem Child?

It happened whenever I did supper clubs as well, the intensity of insecurity and doubt grew and grew until the event which has always ended up being a blast. But the thought is always there- what if this time is DIFFERENT? So I basically didn’t sleep until the event- who needs it anyways!?!

I had a special request for peanut butter cupcakes for dessert and since cupcakes aren’t especially unique, I knew I had to up my game and make it something really special and delicious. Since one of my favourite things in the entire world are Justin’s Peanut Butter cups I knew I couldn’t go wrong if I included them.

It sort of just kept getting more and more decadent, chocolate cupcake, peanut butter icing, crushed peanuts, hot chocolate sauce, and a PB cup. I even made the cupcakes 3 times to make sure they were perfect.

The party was in a fancy Airbnb in Gastown (Vancouver) which was such a fantastic idea! Besides the stuffed deer head on the wall overlooking the vegan dinner, it was perfect and a total blast.

Happy Birthday gain Kris!

Get the recipe here.


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