Fried Eggplant Pizza with Caramelized Onions and Roasted Garlic

My poor, poor neglected blog. Where do I even begin? We’re going to get sincere for a moment here.

My life has changed, I’ve changed, and everything around me has shifted. It’s been almost 5 months since I quit my job and started my own company with my business partner. Meaning our success, our schedules, our partnerships, and our life balances are totally dependent on us.

It’s energizing, exhausting, stressful, but totally freeing. It’s weird being on the other side of a personal leap, I just keep thinking; why didn’t I do this sooner?

The learning curve has been steeper than I would have ever thought it would be and it’s been much more of a spiritual journey than expected.

I won’t go on and on but if you want to read more about what I’m learning as I go then definitely read my posts on LinkedIn.

So to be honest I’m not sure what the future of my blog is right now. I’m so inspired to write and I’m cooking more than ever but the pull towards this passion project of mine isn’t the same that it used to be.

Hopefully things will settle into a rhythm and I’ll go back to finding an area of my life that I want to share here but right now I’m not finding a lot of spare time to update this site.

This isn’t the end of my blog but more of a warning of my continuing to ignore it. Thank you for your patience and everyone who reads!

Recipe for Fried Eggplant Pizza with Roasted Garlic.

Vegan Eggplant Pizza

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