Artichoke and Leek Quiche

2016 is coming to an end and I love this time of year so much. Holidays aside, it brings me so much happiness to sit down and think about the highlights of my year and what I want to accomplish and focus on in the next. I write goals on everything from books to read to my mantra’s for the year to every day accomplishments. I usually stick with about 50% of them but it’s such a fun process.

I usually close the year with my top ten moments of the past 12 months but it was such an unusual year. I didn’t necessarily have moments as my life just took different directions. Here are my highlights both big and small:

I started my own company!

This was such a huge and unexpected one. It’s been so thrilling and hard but everything I thought it would be and also nothing like I thought it would be. I won’t go on and on but if you’d like to keep up today on my life as an entrepreneur then you can follow me on LinkedIn and catch up on my posts.


I grew my own veggie garden!

This seems small but this year I really enjoyed living in Steveston, having extra space, and having a backyard. It took a while to get settled but having a veggie garden was thrilling and also educational since I learned I’m not great at it.


We went to Cuba!

It was pretty awesome, even with a 2-year old.

Cuba was awesome but happy to be home. #vancouvervegans #vancityvegans #Cuba

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I relaxed a bit.

I’m not going to derail too much here but I struggle with anxiety and depression and this year I got much better at seeing the signs, not panicking, focusing on the ‘now’, and acknowledging the greater picture. Knowing the difference between a symptom and a cause (because almost nothing is a cause other than needing to take care of myself) was huge. I still take dips but it’s much less peaks and valleys and more of a sometimes challenging walk.

Snow day in #Steveston. #yvr #vancity #vancouver #snowday #snow #vegansofig

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Salt Spring Island

An absolutely magical time with our friends at Salt Spring. It was just special and perfect and I can’t wait to do it again. Even if we flipped our canoe twice and started paddling backwards in the sports-challenge. What really matters is that I destroyed everyone in badminton.


Finally, I’m finishing up some final orders from my bake sale and staying warm during snow days making some decadent treats. This quiche is rich and filling and I ate two of these tarts before I went out for dinner.

Get the recipe here and happy holidays!


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  1. Barb Kemp says:

    Hi Lindsay:

    I always enjoy seeing your posts in my email box. I’m just bought some Artichoke Hearts so I look forward to trying your new recipe. You have been busy!…..Last time we met you had just left Whole Foods. Congratulations on starting your own enterprise. Doing what you love is what it’s all about. I look forward to watching your success.

    Have a great Christmas with your Little one….they make Christmas that much more special.

    All the Best,


    Barb Kemp

    Recipes To The Rescue


    1. Barb that is so awesome! It always sort of surprises me when people tell me they read- I tend to write and then forget about it!

      Happy Holidays to you and hope all your ventures are a huge success this year!


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