Dill Parsley Pasta with Sunflower Seeds and Walnuts

How’s everyone’s New Year’s resolutions going? I’m still not drinking coffee and the world seems less bright, beautiful, and full of hope. Other than that 2017 is going pretty well! Everyone I know seemed to have recognized that we were all operating at a higher frequency during the holidays and maybe we needed to unwind a bit. I resolve to start 2018 with a vacation. Given that I’ve recently started my own company, the vacation could mean sleeping over at my mom’s house without any cell phones allowed. But who knows!?!

However, something crazy has happened so far this year, which I never would have ever guessed. I’m getting paid to cook and create. It sort of blows my mind how if you stick with something simply because you love it, it can really turn into something bigger.

My company has signed 2 new clients in the past month and it looks like it might be three and in addition to marketing services they’re looking for recipe development. I have no formal training but have spent hundreds of hours trying to get better and now I get to do it and get paid!

Ok, enough bragging (only because I’m running out of time). I was playing around in the kitchen with some herbs that only have a few days before they become liquid in your fridge and I came up with this really rich and delicious pasta. I wasn’t sure about the dill but trust me it was magical.

Get the recipe here.


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