My Vegan Future

I’m going to get serious for a moment. Most of you who know me probably read that sentence as sarcasm and are awaiting a hilarious gif. Sadly, you will be disappointed.

This is a bit of a long story but here goes.

While I was a teenager I found a passion for animal welfare, environmental conservation, and social issues. I had discovered my purpose and I spent almost my entire existence on education, awareness, communication, and research.

I even co-founded a non-profit that focused on ocean conservation and how our eating habits affected major challenges our waters were facing.

I became vegan somewhere along the way, finding that empowering people through food was thrilling, effective, and a perfect way to live up to my own personal values which can be best summed up as ‘If I wouldn’t do it myself, I won’t pay someone else to do it.’ I’d never want to confine a pig, slaughter a cow, or purposely harm the environment so I wasn’t going to support it with my spending dollars.

Looking back, I know that I burnt out. Trying to save the world will do that to you. My non-profit sort of fell apart, I felt like I wasn’t making a difference, nobody seemed to care the way that I did, and I felt like I was shouting into the wind or taking down a brick wall with my hands.

I still find solace, peace, and contentment through cooking and still felt very strongly about how destructive apathetic eating habits are but I started to avoid real discussions and any potential conflict.

I think I was still so emotionally exhausted that I didn’t even want to point out flaws in other people’s logic or how lame the excuses were. All I really wanted to say is that we should all eat consciously because ultimately it benefits everyone.

Even when I was asked point blank why I was a vegan I pretty much dodged that question, not wanting to make anyone think I was shaming them for their own choices. I missed many opportunities to share even when others were asking for information.

And now I’m finding that something is missing and I’m not feeling like myself. I look at people in my community who speak up, protest, and educate and I admire them and I feel sad. I know that joining Greenpeace on street corners to hand out pamphlets isn’t going to be fulfilling for me for very long (another burn out is going to be inevitable) but I am going to be more vocal about what I know about choices.

I don’t know if it’s being over 30, having a kid, or seeing Trump in office but avoiding conflict isn’t who I want to be.

So thank you to everyone who reads this blog, who follows me on Instagram, and has come to my events. Thank you to all my socially active friends who are pushing me to be who I want to be.

I’m going to keep cooking and sharing and wanting to bring people together through food but I also believe I’m here to speak what’s in my mind and heart. So you’ll find that I’ll be linking to more articles, sharing more information on the benefits of eating vegan, and how we all can eat more consciously.

This break in my usual sarcastic content has been brought to you by my conscious. Now, let’s eat!



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