Artichoke and Spinach Pizza

In keeping with my promise to be a bit more open, I thought I’d start this post with some answers to questions I get asked all the time. I mean all. the. time.

Where do you get your protein?

This will drive any vegetarian and vegan insane. It’s a myth created by the meat industry which is ridiculous because there are vitamins and nutrients that you need to be careful to get as a non-meat-eater but protein isn’t one of them. It’s like asking someone who broke their ankle how they’re going to continue to use their phone. I actually have to be sure I get my omega’s and B12 but protein….not so much. If you’re eating anything more than fruits and veggies you’re fine (although some veggies are packed with protein too!).

Do you miss meat?

No. There have been times where it’s been in something I’ve eaten and it’s gross. It’s different for every person and a lot of it depends on why they gave up meat. Although every vegan I’ve known misses fried or scrambled eggs. It’s so simple and hard to mimic. Fried egg on toast with salt? Hell yes I miss it.

Is it hard?

I get this so much and really the answer is yes and no. Any new routine is difficult because it’s new. Find some new staples, favourite products, and recipes and you won’t think about it again.

But you know what makes being a vegan easy? Vegan Pizza! How smooth is that transition btw!?! But seriously this pizza is so easy it’s embarrassing and it was so moist and tasty!

Get the recipe here.


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